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We're just a couple days away! I've been in contact with many of you and I know we're all looking forward to the big event! It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day (albeit pretty hot), so be prepared for sunshine, fun and sparks!

Just a couple reminders;

1) Tickets will be available at the front gate. We will have a table set-up, check in there for your park tickets and to be checked in for the event.

2) Participants can begin showing up at 8am for safety checks and to get set-up at your table. We will have extension cords and surge protectors available but these always go fast so be safe and bring your own as well. 

3) Spectators can arrive beginning at 9am. All tickets will be under the person who ordered them. If you need to change this contact us at ColoradoCombatRobotics@gmail.com

4) It's going to be hot! Bring water and sunscreen! We will have some on hand but it's a long day please be prepared. Also, we are trying to rent an outdoor cooler, but it is very....powerful and windy. There will be a breeze in the pits if it's hot enough to require the cooler.

5) For anyone who may not be able to make it please let us know now so we can notify those on the waitlist. Those who are on the waitlist BRING YOUR BOT! There is always a change of a drop out on event day.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us. It's going to be a great event but also keep in mind this is our first outdoor event as well as first event with this team. Be patient please and know we are always open to feedback.

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The combat schedule is now available! You can download the schedule here

*Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change*

If you're a builder and you need to download another copy of the Welcome Builder's packet, you can download that here.


Join me for the premiere of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Gear Jam Selection Sunday Show, this Sunday at 8:30PM MST! I'll be there live to answer any questions about the event, and also available for you to critique my woefully inadequate video editing skills and awkward journalistic interview abilities!

Remember the tournament is "World Cup Style" meaning, this show will tell you who your first two matches are against! Each group of 3 bots is a round robin to qualify for the finals single elimination tourney!



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