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Getting Started...

First bot? Don't know where to start? Here is a few links to help you learn about Robotic Combat!

Arizona Robot Combat (ARC) - This is a fantastic beginner's guide for anyone just entering the sport! Start here if this if your first attempt!

Robert Cowan DIY - Learn about CNC, robotics, and how to build cool stuff in your garage. Follow my adventures as I built combat robots, CNC machinery, and more! (Battlebots Team Copperhead)

SPARC Rules - This is the ruleset for our competitions. Please be aware of these rules (especially safety regulations) before competition day!

Fingertech Robotics - A sponsor of our events and one of the best place for insect class parts, without question! They are also a distributor of the Viper Kit, a fantastic way to enter a competition without building from scratch.

3D Printing Services - Colorado Combat Robotics Club offers 3D printing services for those entering the Plastic Antweight Division. We are a network of 3D printing enthusiasts and will do our best to give you quality parts! Design is not included or offered with this service. Send us an e-mail with your requests!