Getting Started...

First bot? Don't know where to start? Here is a few links to help you learn about Robotic Combat!

Arizona Robot Combat (ARC) - This is a fantastic beginner's guide for anyone just entering the sport! Start here if this if your first attempt!

Robert Cowan DIY - Learn about CNC, robotics, and how to build cool stuff in your garage. Follow my adventures as I built combat robots, CNC machinery, and more! (Battlebots Team Copperhead)

SPARC Rules - This is the ruleset for our competitions. Please be aware of these rules (especially safety regulations) before competition day!

Fingertech Robotics - A sponsor of our events and one of the best place for insect class parts, without question! They are also a distributor of the Viper Kit, a fantastic way to enter a competition without building from scratch.

3D Printing Services - Colorado Combat Robotics Club offers 3D printing services for those entering the Plastic Antweight Division. We offer nylon 3d printing services in 3 different types of nylon:

*High Stiffness, Low Impact, High Cost (ideal for structure where stiffness is important, but will crack or even shatter under a direct hit)

*Medium Stiffness, Medium Impact, Low Cost (ideal for chasis and other armor, in the 6mm thick range, chassis printed from this material survive multiple events with some wear in the antweight class. )

*Low Stiffness, High Impact, Medium Cost (used as armor in the beetle weight class successfully.)


Parts must fit on a 180*180 bed, and be shorter than 16 hours to mitigate risk. Designs that have been prototyped and printed out already get a 10% price discount

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