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3 New Bot Registrations!

In just 4 short days of registration being open we've already had 3 bots register to join us at Rocky Mountain Gear Jam! Including McWedgie AKA "HostBot" we have 2 Beetleweights and 2 Antweights ready to compete! #Gearingup4GearJam

Wumbo - 3lb Beetleweight

Wumbo - Built by Jeff Waters from Las Vegas, NV. Wumbo is the 1st place winner of the 2019 Rocky Mountain STEAMfest event. The current leader of the 2019 CCRC regular season and a definite crowd pleaser! We're happy to welcome him to the event.

Purple Nurple - 1lb Antweight

Purple Nurple - Jeff Waters' 2nd competitor Purple Nurple is a newcomer to the CCRC scene. Given his builders past success, we're excited to see Purple Nurple in the arena!

Papa Boris - 1lb Antweight

Papa Boris - Built by Alec Mallinger Papa Boris is an invertable bot with a spinning blade. Another newcomer to the CCRC scene we wish Papa Boris the best of luck in the arena!

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