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Congratulations Zach Witeof, Winner of the May #GearUp4GearJam Giveaway!

Congratulations to Zach Witeof, builder of Flutter (3lb) and Angry Seahorse (1lb) for winning the May #GearUp4GearJam Giveaway! Zach will receive an electronic $50 gift certificate for Fingertech Robotics. We can only assume that these funds will go to a rocket launcher for both bots....

For those that did not win, don't worry! You are automatically entered in all giveaways leading up to event day! Our current registration totals and remaining spots are below; Beetleweights: 9 Registered / 6 Spots Remaining Antweights: 6 Registered / 9 Spots Remaining Plastic Antweights: 0 Registered / 9 Spots Remaining Please continue to visit the site for event updates including; - Our June #GearUp4GearJam Giveaway - The "We can Rebuild him, We have the Technology" Prize announcement - A Special guest appearance on event day - Competitor photos and bios ...and more!

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