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July #Gearingup4GearJam Giveaway Winner announced, Selection Sunday set for July 21st!

Congratulations to Fairview Robotics for winning the $100 Fingertech Gift Certificate! The team is bringing three bots to the tournament and they are the winner of the July Registration Giveaway!

Remember, this tournament is a 'World-Cup Style' tournament. Bots will be divided into 3-man round robin groups (2 matches for each bot). The winner of each group automatically qualifies for the Finals bracket. For those left in the lurch, a Wild Card Rumble will take place, the winner snags the final spot in the tournament. From there it's the gauntlet of single elimination tournament to the championship. Which leads to....

Join us on July 21st, for the Selection Sunday Show where the groups for the initial stage will be announced. The show will include interviews with the well-known, Robert Cowan. We'll also be interviewing the builder of Wumbo, Jeff Waters and Death by Single Cut (DBSC) creator, Isaak Malers.


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