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Rocky Mountain Gear Jam Location Announced! #Gearingup4GearJam

With the news of the cancellation of AVC we realized there was a large gap in the Rocky Mountain Region robot calendar. We here at CCRC wanted to fill that gap, and so Rocky Mountain Gear Jam was born! The event is meant to be the largest competition in Colorado annually and we've got a great venue for it, Elitch Gardens!

The Elitch Arena is a great place for a large scale event. There will be plenty of seating, concessions, and a covered pit area. The space can accommodate 60 competitors and over 1,500 spectators!

Elitch Arena Pits

The pits where the repairs are going to happen!

The inside look at the arena.

The event is offering tickets to the park at the lowest prices available, $25! Don't forget, the $35 registration includes full day admission to the park as well! There is no other event on any Robot Combat calendar that gives participants the opportunity to fight robots, ride a roller coaster, and come back to fight some more robots!

As you prepare for the event, post pictures of your bots and better yet, send them to us and we'll feature them on our site! Tag our event in your preparation, #Gearingup4GearJam!

Keep checking back on our blog for event announcements!

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