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Take a look at all the bots already registered for the 2019 Rocky Mountain Gear Jam! Reminder the event will be a "World Cup" style format. Competitors will be in an initial round robin group with the winner of each group advancing. A "Last Chance Rumble" will qualify one wild card into the Championship bracket. 

2019 Rocky Mountain Gear Jam Registrants

Beetleweights (3lbs)

18 Bots registered


Built by Jeff Waters from Las Vegas, NV. Wumbo is the 1st place winner of the 2019 Rocky Mountain STEAMfest event.

The current leader of the 2019 CCRC regular season and a definite crowd pleaser!

Team Plan B

#1 Wumbo (5-1)

Asset 4-100.jpg

Psychotic Break is a mid-cutter with the same weapon bar used in Anxiety Attack.

DSM Robotics

Psychotic Break (0-0)


A thoroughly bad vertical spinner with a strong desire to do backflips. It is on its second major iteration, where it is switching to a billet UHMW chassis, brushless drive, and lightweight composite front armor. All of this is for it to perform backflips with maximum efficiency.

Longshot Robotics

#11 Tashi (0-4)


Just A Wedge - That's it.

Team Wazio

Just a Wedge (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

Drum spinner being built by high school robotics team.



Fairview Robotics, Black Knights

Black Knight #2 (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

Undercutter - More info to follow!

Trobuck Robotics

Flutter (0-0)

rickety cricket.png

From the builder who brought you Rumham, Sunny Robotics will now be competing with a...GYRO WALKER!

Sunny Robotics

Rickety Cricket


This is V3's inaugural run, and will surely raise some eyebrows when it walks into the arena. Designed to be surely unique, we have no idea if we're destined to Live or Die in the arena!

Dead or Alive

Arashi (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

More Info to Come....


Barracuda (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

Ring spinner being built by highschool robotics team.



Fairview Robotics, Black Knights

Black Knight #1 (0-0)


McWedgie is your friendly neighborhood Host bot. McWedgie placed 3rd at the 2019 STEAMfest and is ready to rumble!

Team MacBots

#2 McWedgie (5-5)

Titanium Joe.JPG

Built by the CU Boulder Combat Team, Titanium Joe has numerous tournaments under his belt and wields a nasty Titanium Egg Beater weapon

CU Boulder Combat Bots

#12 Titanium Joe (0-2)

Red Dye #5.JPG

This robot is a generic biteforce clone; 4wd, huge wedge, medium spinner.

Isaaks Team

#5 Red Dye #5


Asset 4-100.jpg

Built previously by team mentor, this vicious tomb-clone has only lost twice. Once when he lost to his twin brother, and once to reigning champ margin of safety. He is back for revenge and hungry for carnage.

Fairview Robotics, Black Knights

Star Blaster (0-0)


You know who Quicksand is; the coolest wedge in the world. It's got bicycle tires for armor, a whipping tail at the back, and a desert vista on top. A crowd favorite all the time, everywhere he  goes, frequently recognized on site by people he's never met!

Resetti's Replicas

Quicksand (0-0)

Spice Bot_2.png

Blink and you'll miss it, the fastest wedge in the west is here to rumble. A full brushless drive and an aluminum billet, this bot is gonna bully some spinners. Hopefully it works.

Longshot Robotics

Salt (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

Drum-style spinner. Focus is offense. Composite materials used in construction.

Team Monumental

#8 Chipper (1-1)


Polypropylene 3D printed chassis with big wheels and a horizontal blade on the bottom. Direct drive weapon with big bearing to support it.

Mallow Bots

#3 Billy (4-1)

Antweights (1lb)

15 Bots registered


Jeff Waters' 2nd competitor Purple Nurple is a newcomer to the CCRC scene. Given his builders past success, we're excited to see Purple Nurple in the arena!

Team Plan B

Purple Nurple (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

More info to come!

Trobuck Robotics

Angry Seahorse

Death by a Single Cut

50% of this bot is its weapon. It is...Death by a Single Cut

Isaak's Team

DBSC (1-5)


A colorful pastel wedge bot with a very cute paintjob. Another Resetti's Replicas fan favorite!

Resetti's Replicas

Eclair&Bonbon (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

A drum spinner with a Slavic attitude

Team Pulford

Ivan (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

WarFang is a lifter bot. It is built to take a hit. This will be its first event in this design.


War Fang (0-0)

Cubeys Revenge.JPG

Cubey's revenge is the second half of the Tubey/Cubey twin set and is currently #3 in the CCRC rankings. 


#3 Cubey's Revenge


Petty Thief.JPG

The Biteforce is strong with this bot but so is the power, Petty Thief won 2nd place at Colorado Bot Battles and is ready for more bot parts to hang from the mantle

Team Haatja

Petty Thief (0-0)


Undercutter Antweight built by Team Mallinger

Team Mallinger

Papa Boris (0-0)


This is a wedge...That's Mini!

Team Wazio

Just a Mini Wedge (0-0)


An invertible undercutter, E.G. is the cousin's, brother, former roommate to Bender Rodriguez, Death to all humans!

Team Hall

EG (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

Vertical spinner. Pure evil in a cute little package (bow not included).


Jester (0-0)

Asset 4-100.jpg

WhiteFang is a fast spinner. It has competed in only 1 other competition.


White Fang (0-0)

The Highlander.jpg

Highlander is the only antweight flipper in town! A competitor at this years STEAMfest, Highlander is a proven success story ready to flip bots like flapjacks!

Team Small Robots

The Highlander


Asset 4-100.jpg

Woody & Buzz is our first cluster bot in CCRC historys! This 1lb cluster bot with an overhead bar and an undercutter. One built for power and one built for reliability.

Longshot Robotics

Woody & Buzz (0-0)