Take a look at all the bots already registered for the 2020 STEAMfest CCRC Season Kickoff! 

2020 STEAMfest Registered Bots

Beetleweights (3lbs)

Beetleweight brackets have been released! Check them out here;

(Subject to change of course!)

Psychotic Break


DSM Robotics

Psychotic Break is a mid-cutter with the same weapon bar used in Anxiety Attack. Built by Team Copperhead member, Robert Cowan!


2019 CCRC Record: 3 - 1



Longshot Robotics

The backflippingest beetle is back, and probably not any better than ever! Tashi has returned for the 2020 season and is ready for the competition!

2019 CCRC Record: 1 - 5

Red Dye #5

Red Dye #5.JPG

Isaaks Team

The king...has returned. Last year's CCRC Regular Season AND Gear Jam Champion has returned to defend the title. Losing just one match in 2019, Red Dye #5 seems to be a Biteforce clone in more than just appearances.
2019 CCRC Record: 9 - 1


Spice Bot_2.png

Longshot Robotics

Blink and you'll miss it, the fastest wedge in the west is here to rumble. A full brushless drive and an aluminum billet, this bot is gonna bully some spinners. Hopefully it works.


CRCC Logo.png

Team Werner

3lb Beetleweight aluminum and sheet metal front beater spinner.

ill Will

Ill Will.JPG

Team Wright

The Big Brother to Lil Ill Will, we've seen this bot in competition before and it has a proven formula of 4 wheels and a nasty vertical spinner

Whisper Dan

Whisper Dan.jpg

Team Kellerby

5" vertical spinner, wedge

Fatal Vice

CRCC Logo.png


A six wheel drive clamp-bot in the Beetleweight class. The primary crushing weapon has a theoretical maximum thoroughput of 20Kn, equivalent to the force a mid-size American family SUV would exert through a pencil head.



Team Small Robotics

Kelpie is the CO2 flipper nightmares are made of! If you feel like bouncing off the roof this is the oppnent for you!

McChange Alot


Team MacBots

McChange Alot is your friendly neighborhood hostbot. Built by EO McElroy, McChange Alot is a modular bot with three configs; McGrippy, McBeater, and McWedgie

Low Low Man


DSM Robotics

How low can you go? This bot pushes the envelope, or rather the arena floor, more than anyone in competition! Low Low Man is Robert Cowan's 2nd entry in this year's STEAMfest.

Rickety Cricket


Sunny Robotics

The CCRC arena is still sore after Rickety Cricket made his debut at 2019 Gear Jam. A Gyro Walker capable of bot disassembly in just 1/4 of a second! 

2019 CCRC Record: 1 - 1



Mallow Bots

Polypropylene 3D printed chassis with big wheels and a horizontal blade on the bottom. Direct drive weapon with big bearing to support it. All Billy does is win, oh and never ever stop spinning a very nasty blade.

2019 CCRC Record: 6 - 2

Spinning Death


Team Wright

Every tournament has to have one...Full body Spinner of death!



School of Mines

There's a storm a brewin'. Get ready for the tides to turn as the next raining champion thunders by. There is snow chance for the competition. All hail Arashi, storming in to wreck havoc.



Team Rush

Horizontal "drum" spinner. 1" thick horizontal spinning disk!



Team Whiteof

Silly undercutter made of string and glue

Antweights (1lb)

Beetleweight brackets have been released! Check them out here;https://challonge.com/RockyMountainSTEAMAnt
(Subject to change of course!)


Papa Boris

Team Mallinger

The second iteration of PapaBoris, with a bigger weapon and design influenced by Valkyrie. So grab your товарищи and квас and hope there's no rapid unplanned disassembly.

Death by a Single Cut


Isaak's Team

50% of this bot is its weapon. It is...Death by a Single Cut

Tubey or Not Tubey.JPG

Tubey or not Tubey


Cubey's revenge is the second half of the Tubey/Cubey twin set and is currently #3 in the CCRC rankings. 

CRCC Logo.png

The Shreking Ball

Team Fenald

Get out of my freakin' swamp!


Amateur Hour

Team Hansen

A two wheel drive bot, with a vertical spinning disk weapon



Team Osborn

The Fingertech Viper Kit, a proven formula of success

CRCC Logo.png


Team Schmitz

Vertical spinner with a wedge. titanium V-spinner and a nylon body.

CRCC Logo.png


School of Mines

It's me, Mario! ....'s worst nightmare ;)

CRCC Logo.png

Tom Hanks Owes Me Five Bucks

Team Kellerby

Made out of trash! Sort of!


The Highlander

Team Small Robotics

The Highlander packs a mean flipper full of compressed air curelty promising to give you the ride of your life!


Meanie Mouse

Team Rush

Steel drum "Beater Bar"

Cubeys Revenge.JPG

Cubey's Revenge


Cubey's revenge is the second half of the Tubey/Cubey twin set and is currently #3 in the CCRC rankings. 

CRCC Logo.png

Spin Cycle

Team Wright

A Full body spinner!

CRCC Logo.png

Shrickity Shrek Yourself Before You Shrek Yourself

Team Teston

Haphazard pacifist joke of a robot just here for a good time, most definitely not a long time. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers.

CRCC Logo.png

Lil Ill Will

Team Wallace

The little brother to Ill Will, Lil Ill Will is a nasty vertical spinner

CRCC Logo.png


Team Lytle

A mystery entry from Team Lytle, all we know is it has something to do with pizza!

CRCC Logo.png

Mint Chip

Team Pointer

An Antweight Drum Spinner

CRCC Logo.png


Team Chinnery

A (hopefully) nasty angled bar. Always with the hope it doesn't bend and it don't break to many motors.



School of Mines

Shuffler with some spiny bits. Does not include 3DMG.

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